REVIEW: Madecassoside Cica Cream & Mask

I know some of us don’t use skincare around the eyes because some products can't be used around it. But the new M+ Madecassoside Cica Cream from Charis is all in one. It can be used on face, eyes, neck, and even on our body. The cream contains Madecassoside and Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, good for reducing acne and scars while providing delicate hydration to the sensitive skin damaged from external stimulation.

5 Valuable Life Tips for Millennials

Getting used to “adulting” can be quite an intimidating task. Even as millennials navigate their way into the hustle and bustle of the workforce, there are still some things that newbie adults might need help with. Although at times adulthood can be overwhelming, here are some important tips that can help you feel more confident about focusing on your growth.

ABBIOCCO ALTERNATIVE FILIPINO “Homegrown flavors reinvented”

It’s time for something exciting and trailblazing! This July 30, prepare for a unique culinary adventure with Abbiocco Alternative Filipino, featuring redefined Filipino classic dishes complemented by Italian, Spanish and Western cuisines. Travel through different continents with selections such as paella with a sofrito teeming with rich flavors or how about baby back ribs that melt in your mouth?

How to Expand Your World

The generation that saw the transition into the digital age has now matured into adults, with all the social, political, and economic power that entails. But even though we've graduated from college and are now part of the workforce, learning doesn't have to stop here. CNBC claims that millennials are more likely to assign greater significance to experiences over material belongings. With all of the information in the world at our fingertips thanks to the internet, you can learn and expand your worldview by trying different things. Here's a shortlist of experiences that can help you grow into a better citizen, worker, and person.

J&T Express: A New Courier Service in the Philippines

Are you an online seller or a person who loves online shopping? Looking for a reliable courier to help you expand your online business or a courier that can deliver your packages at any time of the day?

Try J&T Express now! It is a newly established courier across Southeast Asia. The people who use J&T Express as their courier especially online sellers feel that they’re VIP because they get various perks such as COD, discounted shipping rates and they don’t experience the hassle of leaving their houses to have their items delivered because J&T Express offers free pickup service in various areas nationwide. You only have to contact the nearest branch to you for them to pick up your parcels or packages.