Happee Birthdae, Harry!

I remember when I was a meddlesome kid, searching through our DVDs I came across the Harry Potter movies by chance. Because of the cover, I know it was okay for me to watch it. The very first scene of The Philosopher’s Stone where Professor Dumbledore apparates in Privet Drive and Professor McGonagall can transform herself into a cat was what made me interested in the story.

Right from that moment, the magic of Harry Potter has captured my heart.
I was only four years old when the first movie comes out. My sister always bought reserved seats for the whole family so we can see it the day on it’s released.

When I was a kid, I didn’t understand the whole story. Like for years, I used to see Snape as a bad guy because of how he had treated Harry. Not until I’ve read the books. (Oh, I thank the gods for turning me into a bookworm.) I couldn’t believe I’m going to miss out a lot of great things if I have hadn’t read it. (Thanks to my Potterhead sisters who bought the books 16 years ago.)

Reading and watching Harry Potter never fails to make me emotional. It gives me a myriad feeling and lesson. And I don’t think my love for this series will ever change. Because this story will always be the biggest part of my childhood. When I feel mundane, I’ll just watch the movies and my life will feel extraordinary again.

J.K Rowling said she’d never write another Potter book again. But like what Dumbledore had said, “…the best of us must sometimes eat our words.” After almost a decade, J.K Rowling published another book! She only co-wrote it—I don’t care because I know it will still be good. And after years of waiting (in Azkaban!), I finally got my copy of The Cursed Child. I cannot contain my happiness and excitement of wanting to read it right at the moment the delivery man gave it to me. My inner child is screaming. Though, I prefer it to be a novel type but still. This was my first ever book script and the first one I’m going to read.

I guess the magic of this story will never die. Harry Potter will always be my favorite and I reckon no book will ever change that. I’m a Potterhead, always.

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