Rainy getaway

Our holiday getaway in Vista Aplaya, Batangas was not that good. The resort has a good ambiance and atmosphere, and beautiful scenery with a view of the sea. Yes, it’s beautiful but their food, it’s so expensive and every food and drinks you brought with you will be charged. We felt like we were in a first class resort because of the corkage.

We like the owner and the staffs; they were very accommodating. We booked 2 rooms; one is for the boys and one is for the girls. The price of our room is Php5,500 good for 4 persons. We were 13 in total so we added mattresses and that cost Php500 each.
The beach is very stony so we didn’t enjoy it but I love this shot. ;)
This was also the first out of town that I’m with my best friends and tropas.
I don’t have photos with them that are matino. My friends enjoyed their night in the resort. They got drunk while playing beer pong and devil’s game. It was a funny moment watching them. (I don’t drink alcohol.)
Here’s the photo of the pool.

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