Last night, while watching the episode of PBB (Pinoy Big Brother), when Kisses had an urge to tell her feelings to Marco, and also had a chance to fix their friendship made me think of what if’s. What if I was brave enough to confront him about my feelings, maybe we’re still friends until now because we’ll have closure so there will be no awkward moments between us.
A thought suddenly came to me a while ago. If I told him my feelings then there’s a possibility he’ll pursue me, and I might not be what I am right now—a strong woman. He has changed a lot, and I think I might get hurt because of that change. For sure I’ll still be a weak and stupid girl who always depends on others if the “we” happened.
Being single is really a good thing because I get to know me more. I know what are my likes, loves, needs and wants now. I have time to improve, understand, and discover myself—my hobbies, dreams, skills, and talents. I have found my self-worth and confidence. I know I’ll never settle for less because I know exactly what I want in my future partner. I can figure out things on my own and to decide for myself based only on what my heart and mind desire. I know how to be grateful and content with what I have. I also have time to focus only on God and my family and friends.

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