a rose colored glasses: avd

When you view my friend’s Snapchat story and asks her what’s my name, she started teasing me to you. When I saw your picture, I muttered that you aren’t my type, so I ignored it. My friend said to add you on Snapchat because you couldn’t add me, so I did. I also couldn’t add you at first, so you’ve sent her a photo of yours while pouting, with a dog filter and you’ve captioned it with “We’re not meant to be”.

Morning, when I woke up, there’s a friend request in my Facebook account, and it was you. I accepted your request, then that was just it.

You saw my friend at Hepa lane. You asked where I am. You don’t know my name, so my friend kept guessing until you said “Snapchat girl”. She told you I’m not studying in Manila.
My friend couldn’t believe that you looked for me, so she called me up enthusiastically to report it. I don’t know why I’ve felt disappointed that you don’t even know my name.
I guess that’s when it started.
You had a game at MOA Arena. You knew I was going to watch. I wasn’t able to watch you play because you didn’t enter the game.

We were already at the exit of the parking area when my other friend’s brother realized that he bought the wrong item for their dog, so we went back to park again. My friend called you to say hi in person, but her real intention was to introduce me to you. You were already inside the bus, yet you went outside again. I saw you already behind your school bus and there were girls who want to have a picture with you. My friend was going to the other side, I called her name to tell her that I saw you already. When I looked back again to where you were standing, you were gone, but the girls were still there. My friend called your phone again, and you told her that there was an emergency.
I was so close to finally seeing you, I guess destiny doesn’t want to.

I just watched you play basketball on television. My friend has told me good things about you—you are kind, sweet, dancer, and you have only had one girlfriend.

You still watch my Snapchat stories, like my pictures, and I do the same thing.

I watched how you are close to your mother. Your mother didn’t know you were going home, so in that video, she was surprised seeing you at your house, and she was bawling while hugging you. It was so sweet that I’ve wanted to reply to your story but I just can’t.
Yesterday was your birthday. I greeted you, and you said thank you.

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