I’m not spoiled.

When I want to buy some extravagant and not important things, I cannot ask money from my mom. Oh, yes, I can but she doesn’t give me. And when I want to go somewhere to hang out with friends and ask her for money, she’ll give me just for transportation only.
Those who don’t know me would think I’m spoiled. If only they knew that some things I bought, it came from my savings. When I want to buy expensive things, I will give what I just saved to her no matter how much it is. Because in the end, it always costs her more because the money I always saved, does not exceed at Php1,000. Hahaha.
My mom doesn’t like those mothers who always give their children money for no reasons. Mine, if it isn’t about school, and we want something, we should always work hard to get it. After all, all the money I have, it still hers—I still don’t have a job.
Why don’t I force her when I ask for money?
My tuition and my tour are expensive that’s why, and I understand that. Thus, why would I complain if the things I want are not important? She gives me everything I need and spoils me with food. When I crave for something, she always buys whatever my tummy wants.
Well, I’m glad my parents raised us like that. I know how to save and value money. If I want something, I need to work for it. Not all things I’ll get immediately and will be mine.
PS: Now I understand why I don’t allow myself to be spoon feed. And why I always work hard to get what I want and to know what I want to know without asking help from others.

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