How much I can relate to Lara Jean Song Covey from To All The Boys I've Loved Before:

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It seems like Jenny Han based the character of Song girls on me and my sisters—Kitty is like my oldest sister and Margot is like my middle sister. They are all Potterhead, just like us.
-Lara Jean’s favorite harry potter book is Prisoner of Azkaban.
-She always wonders about the road not taken.
-She’s a cry baby.
-Never stays mad for long.
-She smells good and people can smell her even when they’re not that even close.
-She’s 5'2.
-Interested in old stuff.
-Always orders the same food in a restaurant.
-Never tells someone she likes that she likes him. She’s contended to like them secretly or from afar.
-Not ready for responsibilities.
-I feel like if she’s my friend, we’re going to have the same crushes.
-She’s innocent
-A rose-colored glasses.
-Perhaps in love with the idea of love.
-She likes boys she doesn’t have a shot with.
Well, I always like guys I can never have and I don’t know why. If they aren’t celebrities, they already have girlfriends. If they don’t have girlfriends, things just do get complicated.
Some aren’t good looking and not my type so you cannot tell me that I only like them because of their physical appearances, I don’t know what I saw in them, I just started to like them. People wouldn’t get it and I couldn’t explain it too, so never mind. Lara Jean will understand, though. LOL.
For me, love wasn’t the right word to describe what she had felt for all the boys she’d written a letter to—except for John McClaren and Peter K of course. What she had felt for Josh and others was just infatuation. She thought it was love but it wasn’t when you analyze it.

Re-reading PS. I Still Love You, I fell in love with John Ambrose McClaren. He’s perfect. Yeah, perfect. Too good. Of all the books I’ve read, this was the only story I didn’t have a problem with whom the protagonist ended up with. I fell in love with the both of them. I’m torn between Peter Kavinsky and John Ambrose McClaren. If I’m in Lara Jean’s shoes, I’d choose Peter K. too because she still loves him and it’s hard to throw it away for somebody new unless Peter K. did something bad to her.
But if I were to choose again, let’s say it’s real this time, and I’m not in love with anyone yet, I’d choose Johnny. Because Peter K is harsh, doesn’t have a good reputation, and he’s not a virgin anymore. Hahahahahahaha. It hurts to know that my love did it already, you know. Perhaps not hurt. Disappointed, maybe.
BUT there’s something in Peter Kavinsky that makes you want to choose him. LOL.
I’d just never thought I’d find a story that I can really relate. To the point that I can see myself in her character. It was like Jenny Han changed some of Lara Jean’s traits so I wouldn’t think she based her on me.

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