a rose colored glasses: my breadcrumb

You’re the only person whom I’ve talked to in social media that I can say I got truly interested in. When we talked for the first time, I said to myself that you’re something. There are qualities in you I’ve wanted for my future partner to have. I can feel that you can be that partner. You love art. You’re good in writing. You can take good photos. You can make a film and know how to direct it. You can play guitar and have a good voice too. You’re talented. You’re ambitious too, and I like it. You’re not like some men nowadays who are just “pa pogi lang ang alam.” You have plans for your career. You know what you want and need to make your dreams come true.
We easily got connected. We can talk about things intelligently. We can easily follow each other’s thoughts. Our conversations weren’t dull…at first. I don’t know if it’s because you’re busy that’s why I feel like it’s getting forced. It’s like you don’t put much effort onto it these days. Our conversation is always running about you now. It’s only about you—you only talk about you, and I’m getting bored. I also don’t want to talk about me because you’re not asking. You also aren’t asking for my selfies anymore, and I assume you slowly become less interested in me.

I’m being honest with you last time, and you didn’t get it. I told you that I’m getting bored of you, I don’t want our set up, I don’t want to waste my time—what we have is a waste of my time. Your answer? I’m just being too dramatic about it, and I’m overthinking things. Yes, I’m emotional that time because of pre-menstrual syndrome, but today, I don’t think I’m overthinking things.

I still don’t want to waste my time. I assume you only want a fling so you can continue the script you’re writing. I couldn’t give it to you, baby. Perhaps, we’re using each other. Perhaps I, too, am using you so I can write again. Perhaps we’re on that same chapter. But, baby, I hope you stop messaging me before I see myself getting attached to you.

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