I bought a domain name! Yay!

When I started blogging back in 2009, I wasn’t that serious, I didn’t know how it works at first—I don’t know what made me love it now. Maybe because the bloggers I’ve met even in real life, the likes, comments, and questions I have been receiving from them, or the bloggers who have been following me until now (another blog) even when I’m not that active anymore.
Blogging is just one of my hobbies. It’s my online diary and an outlet of my emotions. I write what’s on my mind, and I don’t even proofread my posts, I just write, write, write and write.
Wanderealust is my second blog. I created this blog last year for my travels but decided to post something about my life. (I won’t post anything too personal here because I just made this blog so public, unlike my other blog, even when I have thousands of followers there, the people who know me in real life don’t know about it.) Since then, I have decided to become serious in blogging—I have wanted to have my own domain. I told myself that this year, I’ll do what it takes to purchase it. Then, it happened last month. I bought the .net because it was a sale domain. I didn’t regret buying it impulsively, though. (I’ll buy the .com domain soon.) I’m happy that it’s now a wanderealust.net. Congratulations to me! ;)

A minimal vector by Gabby Aquino.

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