a rose colored glasses: mt

i don’t know why i’m writing this letter i’ll never send to you. i don’t know why after months have passed, your presence is still here; confounding me every time i’m not doing anything.

i don’t know why i’m feeling this. we only talked for less than a month! god, i’m not one those girls who are easily get attached to someone, but you made me attached to you. i never expected it for someone i don’t even know.

perhaps in those weeks, you let me see a part of your soul. because baby, the connection i had felt while talking to you was real. i don’t know, maybe i just love the idea of you?
i wish we can still share and talk about movies and series we’re watching, songs and bands we’re listening, and rant about it. i wish i can still read the story you’re writing, and write a review after you finished it. i wish i can still hear you sing, and telling me how your day went.

i wish because it’s impossible for us to have a communication again because you unfriended me on Facebook. i don’t know the reason, but i want to know why. i assumed i have an effect on you too, and just thinking about it, makes me feel, i don’t know, happy?

ps: i don’t think i’ll be able to think of the word indie without thinking of you.

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