Things that make me sad.

  • When I sometimes feel like there’s no one I can talk to.

  • When I get disappointed because I always expect too much from people.

  • When people who are close to me are sad.

  • When I feel like I’m being ignored.

  • Seeing old people working hard and children in the streets selling and begging for money and food.

  • Judging other people without trying to get to know them first.
People being rude.

  • War.

  • When a thought comes to my mind that my loved ones die.
  • People who experienced abuse.

  • Listening to certain songs
  • Feeling worthless.

  • When I am the reason that they are sad.

  • Remembering sad stories I read or watched.

  • Abandoned babies and dogs.
  • When people don’t even try to understand me

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