Mixtape vol 1 | No huwan

I believe that music tells us a lot about someone’s personality, and listening to their playlist is like knowing what they are experiencing right now, or what their thoughts and feelings are. That’s the reason I made a new blog series to share with you all what’s happening with me and to get to know me more. Also, expect some of the songs on my playlist don’t have deeper meaning on them — if I like the beat, and the lyrics are good I always add them to my playlist.
For my first entry, I decided to make this playlist pure OPM because they deserve to be recognized. Here are the songs:
1. Forbidden Song No. 2 - BennyBunnyBand
2. Laro - Autotelic
3. Don’t Be Shy - Rob & the Hitmen
4. The Greatest Enemy - I Belong to the Zoo
5. Instead - BP Valenzuela
6. Kathang Isip - Ben&Ben
7. Sa Hindi Pag Alala - Munimuni
8. Kahit Di Mo Alam - December Avenue
9. Tulog Na - Sabu
10. Siberia - Ang Bandang Shirley
You can listen to my playlist *here*. Listen to their other songs too I swear you’ll love them!
How about you? What are you favorite OPM songs? Other artist you want me to listen to? My comment box is open. :)

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