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Nicknames: Rea, Iya, Riri. (My close friends, nephews, nieces, and other relatives call me Tita Mae, Ya, Angge, Yang, and Iyangge. Haha.)
Star sign: Gemini
Height: 5’2
Sexuality: Straight.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw all the way!
Favorite animal/s: I want to have a hamster or a dog, so I guess those are my favorites.
Number of blankets: One
Dream Trip: London, Japan, Batanes, Iceland, and Australia.
Dream Job: Business owner. HAHA.

When I made this account: I made this account in January 2010, but this blog in June 2016. (It is connected to my original blog, so I only have one account.)

Why I made this account: GM (group message) was a thing back then, right? Thus, I made this account to copy the quotes and send it to everyone I know. LOL. Then I started pouring my thoughts, feelings, and emotions in writing and it became one of my hobbies.
(My original blog used to be the online diary of mine that I don’t want everyone I know in real life to read, so I made wanderealust; another personal blog that is now made for everyone. Haha.)

Followers: Other blog: 2.2k+ - Wanderealust: 125

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