Rea's 30 before 30 list

I created the list a year ago (January 7, 2017, to be exact). I didn’t publish it because I cannot execute them properly and someone told me to change the title to ‘Before I Die’ but I then decided to push its original title.

For those who don’t have any idea what is 30 before 30, it’s basically 30 things I want to achieve or want to accomplish before I turn 30. I just turned 21 this month, so I have 9 years to get all of these done. Hopefully, I can figure out what I really want in the process.

The list consists of work, life, and travel-related stuff.


1. Permanent job.  A job that I’ll love. I still need to figure this one out.
2. Establish a business.
3. Be financially stable.
4. Thousands of readers, and followers here. I should work on this. I need to be productive and active.


5. Learn a foreign language and be fluent. Probably mandarin.
6. Record a video of me singing and playing instruments. A video where I’m playing the piano, guitar, drums, violin or ukulele while singing. Ah, that’s a dream! But I don’t know how to execute it, though, because I don’t know how to edit and combine all of it to form a song.
7. Learn photography and film. I want to learn even just the basics of it. But I’ll buy a camera first. Haha.
8. Learn to swim. I’m scared to go to the deeper level of the water because I don’t know how to float.
9. Learn to drive. I love the feeling when I’m on the road. I want it to be my go-to when I’m not in the mood, and just want to get out of the house and out of the city.
10. Learn the instruments. Guitar, ukulele, the piano, drums, and violin.
11. A church. Well, not exactly a church, but a place where we can gather, and pray and have our Bible study.
12. Learn martial arts. Seeing women who can and know how to defend themselves is so cool. I want to be cool. LOL.
13. Get married before 30. 25 or 26 was really my target age before. Hahaha. I changed it because I think I’m going to be single for life. LOL. I don’t see myself with anyone…yet.
14. Learn how to cook. I want to give this a try because this is really important.
15. Finance my family’s needs and wants. I want them to go to places or to wherever they want — I’m sure they want to go to Australia first to see my sister and my niece.


16. Tour Harry Potter film locations and visit the Harry Potter world (Universal studios). I’m a Potterhead ever since I was a kid. I swear, I’ll go there no matter what. Japan is my target for now because it’s the closest country, cheaper than the U.S of A, and easier to achieve, so yeah, hopefully, in the year 2020.
17. Tour Europe especially in London. London has always been a dream ever since I became a Potterhead. The place already has a special place in my heart. LOL.
18. Visit the historical Biblical sites. I want to see it with my own eyes. I want to feel it. Ah, I’m sure I’ll love it.
19. North Star and Northern Lights. I love to watch the sky at night because it’s so relaxing. What more when I see how stunningly beautiful the North Star and Northern Lights are. (Ah, the beauty of the natural light display in the sky!) I want to go to Finland or Iceland because of this. But you can also see the Northern Lights in Canada, Sweden, Norway, and Greenland. OF COURSE, I should also visit the ice hotel. That’s also the dream! I remember how fascinated I was when I was a kid while watching cartoons with their igloo houses.
20. Meet my favorite artists. I don’t want to spend my money on concerts. Perhaps when I’m financially stable, I can do it.
21. Surfing. One of the things I’ll feel brave enough to do so.
22. Visit a castle. It has been a dream of mine ever since I was a kid. I guess I’ll go to the location where they film Me Before You in London.
23. Visit the Pyramid. I love watching the history channel when I was a kid, and there was an episode where they went to a pyramid and tour the place, and because of that, it became a dream of mine to visit it.
24. Canoeing or Canyoneering in Cebu. I’m afraid of the water, so this is a must. Haha. I wanna go swim in the waterfalls also.
25. Volunteer (as tribute LOL). I want to go to someplace just to help other people and donate some money. I want to do it every year on my birthday. Instead of throwing a party, I’ll just buy groceries and give it to those who are in need — unless I have extra money thus I can do both.
26. Travel alone. I’m afraid to do it, and that’s why I want to do it.
27. Meet Hollywood actors/actresses. This is so lame I know. Haha. I don’t know, but I want to see them even from afar.
28. Visit Batanes. There’s this thing in me that makes me want to go to Batanes. I don’t know why, but I really want to go to that place. (Maybe, I’d meet my future partner there, joke)
29. Ride a helicopter. If I’d be given a chance to learn how to fly a helicopter, I would gladly take the opportunity. But that will cost me a lot, so I’ll just be a passenger ‘cause it’s less expensive.
30. Ride on a cruise ship. Ever since I watched the Titanic when I was a kid, and despite the ending of the story, I still want to experience the luxurious lifestyle inside the cruise, but I already crossed this one out, though. Here’s my Royal Caribbean cruise ship tour. *Click here* 

How about you, guys? What is your 30 before 30 lists? I’m curious, so let’s talk about it in the comment box below or make a blog post and tag me in it, please. :)

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