Mixtape vol. 2 | Good girls do bad things sometimes

I’m selfish when it comes to my favorite songs. I don’t like to share it with anyone, but I’m trying to change now so I public my Spotify playlists because all artists deserve to be heard, known and enjoyed by all.
I’m channeling the inner hoe in me on this mixtape. LOL. Just click this link. Listen to it in order because every mixtape, there’s always a story behind it.

1. Take your time - Marian Hill
2. So it goes - Taylor Swift
3. Dress - Taylor Swift
4. Bad things - Meiko
5. Say it again - H.E.R
6. All to you - Sabrina Claudio
7. Don’t let me down - Sabrina Claudio ft. Khalid
8. Don’t do it - Marian Hill

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