Aura Lip Balms and Shampoo Bar

Collaborating with this shop made me realize something. Wala sa followers, likes, at na rereceive na comments para makita o malaman kung ma benta ba ang shop. This shop is so low-key you wouldn’t even think that they have sixty resellers here in our country and four resellers outside the Philippines (UAE, USA, Canada, and Qatar).

And last week, they sent me 11 shades of their Aura lip balms and one shampoo bar. Can you guess what color is on my lips...and cheeks?


It’s hard for me to apply the lip balm at first because its shape is flat top concave, but I got used to it after trying different shades. It contains organic+natural ingredients with SPF15 protection.

Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Candelilla Wax, Vitamin E, VCO, Olive Oil

Price: Php150

Here’s what I love about it:
  • Heavy coverage. One swipe is enough for me because dark colors don’t suit me. ‘Pabebe’ look all the way! Haha.
  • Beautiful and highly pigmented shades! I swear!
  • It’s easy to blend!
  • Powdery finish but doesn’t dry out my lips. I think there’s a moisturizing power in this. Plus it’s comfortable and weightless on my lips.
  • The staying power is a thumbs up. I didn’t expect that it will last for the whole day.
  • It also does leave a nice tint color when faded.
I suggest blotting the lips on a tissue paper after applying because it’s not kissproof. My favorite shades are pink, orange, nude, and dark orange.

They have 4 different kinds of shampoo bars: Tea Tree, Raspberry, Dark Apple, and Vanilla Milk. The one that they sent me is called Dark Apple, good for the oily scalp and chemically treated hair/dandruff.

I don’t have a photo of the shampoo bar that they sent because I was so excited to use it. Haha. But it looks like this.

INGREDIENTS: Bamboo Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Coffee Extracts.

PRICE: Php200

I think I’ll never go back to the liquid bottle shampoo because my first experience of this organic shampoo bar is positive. Plus it helps the environment and has zero chemicals.
  • My sister and I love it!
  • My hair is frizzy and dry but, girl, this shampoo bar straightens my hair and makes it too soft! Its uses are not for those who have frizzy hair because they have one for that kind of hair problem but this helps.
  • I usually use hair straighteners whenever I go out, but this shampoo bar stopped me from doing it. I’m already satisfied with the result every time I use it.
  • I love the scent!
  • It can last for months.
  • My hair doesn’t look greasy even after waking up the next day.
I’m very thankful that they sent me their products to try and that trust me enough to do a product review. I’m happy with my experience. You all should try it too! Their products don’t disappoint.

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