Soberskin Lip Tints

Everyone knows I’m a lip-tint-kind-of-a-girl because lipsticks are too dark for me and it always smeared over my lips. Haha. That's one of my struggles wearing lipstick, so I only use it when I want to be extra, or I’m going to attend a party. Thus, lip tints are for my everyday look!  And that's why I felt so happy when Soberskin gifted me four shades of their lip tints in exchange for an honest review. I tried it first last weekend, and I just uttered OMG while applying it on my lips.
The tints come from low-density polyethylene (LDP) shrink wrap and these little cartons. The shades they sent me are called Shield dedicated to Zild of the IV of Spades and his girlfriend, Shanne, Unique, a former member of IV of Spades, Juggy from Riverdale, and my love Ginny from Harry Potter (SML! Oops, I'm biased towards Harry Potter. Haha).

  • It's SUPER LONG LASTING! It was hard to wash it off of my arm when I did the swatch. I still can see the trace of it the next day and after I take a bath. What more when using it as a blush on, no need to retouch!
  • But it only lasts for 7/8 hours on my lips.
  • It's pigmented and easy to apply. One small swipe is enough on the cheeks, (I uploaded it on my Instagram story yesterday) and I love it for it.
  • It doesn't dry out my lips!
  • Light and comfortable application.
  • Faint candy smell
  • but doesn't taste bitter.

I’m happy they know what shades will suit me! I love all of them!
Soberskin came into existence five months ago, and the business is already flourishing. I felt happy knowing about it because it inspires me. Well, it's the quality of their products that makes it marketable. No doubt about it.
  • DTI Registered.
  • FDA and HALAL Approved
  • All products are organic

Head over to their Instagram account *click here* and their Facebook page *click here* They also sell lip balms, highlighters, and skincare, their newest products.
PS: I'm so tempted to buy all the products that they named after Harry Potter. Huhu. I'll get it next time when I have extra money. (Perks of being a tambay. Hayy)

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