Templos Handcrafted Soaps

Templos Handcrafted Soaps are soap bars made using the old school saponification process, an age-old way of making soap through mixing Iye, water, and oils—a process which dates back to biblical times! This means each soap batch is made from scratch using the so-called cold process (ensuring we don’t hurt planet earth), then cut and wrapped by hand (ensuring quality). Also, contrary to the commercial way of making soaps, no pre-made, pre-mixed soap bases or store-bought glycerin were used. Rather, the glycerin in Templos soaps is the saponification’s natural by-product, left completely intact; whereas with the run-of-the-mill commercial body bars, the glycerin is the very thing removed, either to be sold separately or to be used for the so-called ‘premium’ skin-care products.
Also, Templos soaps are all-natural. We do not use artificial colorants, synthetic scents, or any of those other harmful chemicals whose names can’t even be pronounced. Instead, we strictly pick natural food-grade ingredients, and for our scented batches, we use pure, authentic essential oils. In short, Templos soaps are then—technically speaking—real, pure soaps.
Lastly, because we source locally, coconut oil is our main soap oil, resulting in lathery bars which are cleansing, antibacterial, and bubbly up to the last itty bitty bit, all the while nurturing and nourishing, even leaving a thin moisturizing film after use.

Why choose handmade soaps?
  • Handmade soaps are naturally moisturizing because they have glycerin, a powerful humectant.
  • They are all-natural, devoid of irritating, drying, chemical ingredients.
  • They add a luxurious feel to your daily bath.
  • Locally sourced ingredients means you’re helping our economy.
  • Using handmade soaps means you’re actually participating in an almost-lost-yet-newly-rediscovered age-old science and art.

  • Coconut Oil, Lye, Water, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kaolin Clay
  • Coconut Oil, Lye, Water, Tablea
  • Coconut Oil, Lye, Water, Turmeric, Coconut Sugar, Bentonite Clay

  • It’s my first time using organic soaps, and I saw the difference immediately. A week after using the ACV soap, the bumps on my back lessened! I am not kidding. I thought it’s going to be there forever because I had it for years. The bumps were caused by my pimples before, and I didn’t know organic soaps are the only answer to that problem.
  • These organic soaps make my skin feel too soft! How did I know? I’m too lazy to put lotion on my body plus I don’t have any lotion here, haha, thus I can feel and see the difference of my skin after using templos soaps for weeks when I rub my hands on my arms and legs, and my back too.
  • Commercial soaps are often made with chemicals in it, so it makes your skin dry, but natural soaps contain oils that moisturized the skin.
  • Now I know why people who made a switch from commercial soap to organic noticed the difference on their skin immediately.
  • I like the packaging. It contains the ingredients and the expiration dates of the soaps.

The shop also sent me a Bug Repellant Lotion and Outdoor Balm. The products are 100% no harmful chemicals (No Dimethicones, Parabens, Mineral Oil, Petroleum, Phthalates). 

Templos’ Bug Repellant Lotion is your mess-free, hassle-free outdoor companion.It is child-friendly, keeps away insects, and moisturizes skin, while stimulating blood circulation. 

How to use: Apply on exposed skin before going outdoors.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Citronella Essential Oil

Templos’ OUtdoor Balm is your perfect adventure and travel companion. It effectively blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC rays from your skin, and keeps it free from bugs while deeply moisturizing it.
How to use: Apply on exposed skin before exposure to sunlight.
Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Citronella Essential Oil, Zinc Oxide
  • The balm and the lotion are effective.
  • I use these two simultaneously. I use Bug Repellant at night and Outdoor Balm on daylight to protect my skin against UV rays.
  • I like that ingredients have a Citronella Essential Oil in it because not only it naturally repels insects, but it also promotes relaxation and reduces inflammation.
I am so happy for trying these products on my skin. I have nothing bad to say about it or any problem I experienced using them.
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