Things I Learned in 2018:

I’ve been MIA since December because I got so busy doing some stuff, and I considered deactivating this blog for some reason, but I guess I only need some time off, and just blog whenever I feel like it.

I know you always read this line everywhere, but I’m still going to say this—2018 had been a roller coaster ride for me. I’m not going into details, but yeah, I wasn’t myself. But 2018 was the year I embraced my flaws and imperfections, and I love myself more. It’s a yay! LOL.

Okay, enough for my blabbering. I want to share the things I learned last year. Here we go!

  1. Every word that comes from your mouth or what you say about people is a reflection of who you are as a person. How you view other people says a lot about you.
  2. Some things happened without any valid reasons.
  3. No one stays the same, because we are learning and growing every day.
  4. Never compromise your principles for anyone or anything because of your fear of losing them. Principles should never be compromised.
  5. People hate confrontations because they don’t want to hear the consequences of their actions.
  6. Face all your problems because whether you like it or not you still need to deal with it. You cannot walk away. It will haunt you.
  7. Do not expect other people to be honest with you about their intentions just because you’re with them.
  8. It’s hard to do something when you don’t get enough support from the people you expect to be more supportive. Don’t let them stop you, use it as motivation to strive and do better.
  9. Internet friends are very supportive and are the best!
  10. How you act reflects on how your parents brought you up.
  11. You can survive anything no matter how impossible you think it is.

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