Clair Visage' CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment

I have never had a cosmetic treatment in my life. It was my first time in a beauty clinic. I have low pain tolerance, so I’m afraid to try everything the beauty clinics offer. But I’m glad I got to experience my first at Clair Visage Face and Body Care. The people there were very kind and approachable, especially Ms. Tess, the owner. The place makes you feel at home. It’s very relaxing.

I tried their Co2 Fractional Laser treatment. They started the treatment with cleansing, then next to the numbing cream was the laser, and they ended it with Vitamin C serum. The numbing cream was on my face for 40 minutes, so I can’t feel the pain. The laser only took 15 minutes, I think? I can still feel a slight pain even with numbing cream on my face, but it’s tolerable and bearable. Vitamin C is known for its ability to reduce the appearance of dark spots and can protect your skin from sun damage, so I get why it’s a need after the treatment.

Downside: I was allowed to wash my face the next day. Also, I cannot put anything on my face except facial cleanser, vitamin c serum, and sunblock.

Downtime: The treatment has a downtime. It still depends on everyone’s healing process, but it usually takes 7 days.

I didn’t feel anything right after the treatment, but at night my face felt hot or cold, I don’t know my skin was confused. Haha. It was so irritating. Plus it got super red.

DAY 1: The next day
I felt a slight pain on my forehead while washing it, but I didn’t feel it again when I washed my face in the evening. The skin was so dry and rough. It was unpleasant to touch.

DAY 2:
My face was not as red as the night after the treatment.

DAYS 3 to 6:
My face was starting to peel.

DAY 7:

It’s not fully healed yet, but I see the difference already. My pores were less visible. The treatment removed some of the small bumps and warts on my forehead and lightened the dark spots, while some were already gone. One session isn’t enough because I might need five sessions if I really want my acne scars gone. Yes, CO2 Fractional Laser improved my skin. I will update this blog after a month.

PRICE: Php8,000

Claire Visage Face & Body Care is located at 248 Camangyanan Road, Sta. Rosa II, Marilao Bulacan (Gulod)

You may call their number: 09171798292 or visit their Facebook and Instagram account.

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