One of the things I am proud of having is my teeth. I always hear compliments from every dentist I go to ever since I was a kid. (Yes, I don’t have a personal dentist. I go wherever it’s convenient for me. Haha.) Even my friends also compliment it. (Thank you!) I didn’t wear braces, FYI. All thanks to my mom for taking care of my teeth. BUT nobody’s perfect, so yes my teeth aren’t that perfect if that’s what you’re thinking right now.

I have naturally yellow teeth. Everyone always says it’s actually stronger than the bright ones. Yes, it’s true, but mine is noticeable because I have light skin color, so my skin is whiter than my teeth. LOL. That’s the reason why I’ve wanted to try teeth whitening. But it’s pricey, and dentists are against it saying I don’t really need it because having yellowish teeth is only natural, and bleaching would only weaken it.

Now, look at what I did? I tried these home teeth whitening. Thanks to Whiter Smile for sending this kit and letting me try it. This Whiter Smile Home Teeth Whitening Kit costs Php2900. Inside are two syringes with carbamide peroxide whitening gel, molding teeth tray with a case, LED light, instructions, and a teeth shade chart to track the progress.

I burned my gums the first time I used this because I poorly molded the trays. Good thing the shop told me to use my finger when applying the gel on my teeth, and it worked! Plus I love the customer service! The shop always answers the customers’ concerns. My LED light broke the first time I used it, but Whiter Smile was kind enough to send me another one.

RESULT: I’m happy with the outcome. IT IS 100% EFFECTIVE! You will see a big difference in a week! The reason why I smile a lot these past few days is because of my teeth. I want to show it off. Haha. Below is my before and after photos after using it for 1 WEEK!

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