J&T Express: A New Courier Service in the Philippines

Are you an online seller or a person who loves online shopping? Looking for a reliable courier to help you expand your online business or a courier that can deliver your packages at any time of the day?

Try J&T Express now! It is a newly established courier across Southeast Asia. The people who use J&T Express as their courier especially online sellers feel that they’re VIP because they get various perks such as COD, discounted shipping rates and they don’t experience the hassle of leaving their houses to have their items delivered because J&T Express offers free pickup service in various areas nationwide. You only have to contact the nearest branch to you for them to pick up your parcels or packages.

365 Days Operations. J&T Express is open every day. You can send a package and receive a package on weekends and even on holidays because they don’t close. I love this! Know any courier who has this feature? None, right?

3-Service Platform: There’s a lot of ways to get in touch with J&T Express since they have a hotline, a website, and an app. Worry no more because the hotline is available 24/7! Our concerns can be resolved with a call at any time of the day.

Hotline number: (02) 911-1888

Real-time tracking of the package: You can track your package’s real-time status on their website and mobile app: J&T Philippines. You can download it on the App Store or GooglePlay. Plus you can enjoy the convenience of saving your shipping contacts online, so you no longer need to rewrite the addresses that you’ve sent.

Rates are also very friendly! Especially if you’re an online seller. They always have a promo on their shipping rates so you can really save a lot with them.
If you don’t want to have your package delivered to your address, or if you’re not sure there’s a person who will be able to receive your package, you can ask the sender that you’ll pick it up to the nearest branch.
They also offer free bubble wrap, tape, and plastic pouches to make sure that it’s safe and it’s in discreet packaging.
Packages are insured! You just have to pay 1% of your package’s declared cost and you can rest assured that your package is taken cared of.
Also, if your items don’t fit in the free pouches, you can buy boxes from the branch. It comes in four (4) sizes.
Those are the promising features of J&T Express. I can’t wait for them to be recognized and be used widely. J&T Express is new in the Philippines and just launched last March 2019 but they already have over 300 branches nationwide and are still targeting more for wider coverage area and faster delivery service. Plus it’s already established in four other countries namely, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam.
As of now, J&T Express is already partners with big brands such as Shopee and Oppo.
Check them out!
Website: www.jtexpress.ph
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jntexpressphilippines/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jntexpressph
Mobile App: J&TPhilippines

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