Snoe Ball Drag Extravanzaga at Revel at The Palace

The Snoe Ball Extravaganza was a blast! Why? The performances gave me burlesque vibes. I have been dying to see it live since I watched the Burlesque movie in 2010, and the Snoe Ball was close to one! Here’s what happened at Snoe Ball Extravaganza.

Chikahan with my Blogger x PH fam:

Performances of the drag queens: 
Burlesque vibes!

This was the part I really enjoyed. It was so funny. The prize is a 3-day trip to Cebu, so they were all competitive. You can watch the videos in my stories highlights on Instagram. Here’s the link:

I really had fun even though I left the event early. So much love for drag queens.

My look at the ball:

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