"BE YOU" with hUE MNL - Faux Nails

It’s so crazy how much I’ve changed in less than a year. The person I was before would be so shocked to see the person I am now.

I was a simple girl. I didn’t like girly things. I didn’t know how to put makeup on my face. I love dressing up, but I didn’t like wearing sandals and high heels. I also didn’t like getting my nails done. But everything’s changed since I became a beauty blogger. I realized the importance of those things now because I need to present myself well to other people; I need to look good. Well, I can still be simple, but need to be more appealing now by wearing makeup and getting my nails done. One of the reasons why I don’t like painting my nails is because of the hassle of removing the nail polish. Good thing there are now fake nails I can easily buy, put on and take off in a few days/weeks.

Like this one, I got it from hUe MNL. I love the design of the faux nails. It’s pretty simple, and they have extra nails in case I lost some. Plus, I can glue the nails on or use the adhesive tabs included in the kit. I can also trim it using the nail buffer.

Tip: If you want the faux nails to last longer, buff your nails, put the glue on your real nails, and let it dry. Then put the glue on your nails again and place the faux nails.

There are also instructions on hUe MNL’s account. The tip I’m writing is based on my experience while using my faux nails.

hUe MNL has officially launched! Head over to their Instagram account & Facebook page, follow them and avail their 15% discount.

Thank you, hUe MNL. ♡

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