REVIEW: Dear Klairs' Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

This sheet mask cools the irritated skin and helps clear pores. It's recommended for oily and inflamed skin due to sun exposure, and also promotes acne healing. I bought 10 of these and first tried the masks in Wishtrend's Black Friday sale last year.

Packaging: The Midnight Blue Calming Mask packaged in a matte texture. It looks classy. The mask was divided into two pieces; one for the upper and one for the lower, which makes it fit perfectly for all faces.

Application: I leave the mask on for 20 minutes and gently pat any remaining essence into the skin to fully absorb it. This is my first sheet mask that doesn’t crease. It fits perfectly on every face, I think.

Scent: I can’t describe it, but I think it smells like faint tea tree oil.

Adherence: The essence is thick and not absorbed easily by the skin. Usually, the sheet masks I always use dry up fast, but this mask, after 20 minutes of using it, the essence still sits on my face, and I can still feel the essence after an hour.

Result: This is not applicable for daytime use because it takes a while for the essence to be absorbed. It’s also slimy, but lightweight and non-sticky. It quickly shrinks and heals my pimples. I swear, I love it!

Verdict: I will buy this again and always save it for emergency purposes because I swear whenever I can feel the pimple is coming (you know the pimple hurts whenever you touch it), it’s healed the next day.

You can purchase the Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask in Wishtrend for $2.55 per sheet, $30 for a pack of 10 sheet masks. Use this code 50C689E1 to get a 10% discount in your Wishtrend account. They ship worldwide and offers free shipping in a certain amount of orders.

Oh, Black Friday Sale is up now. Read here for more info.

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