Is Malpractice Insurance important for Medical Practitioners?

In the Philippines, medical malpractice is one of the most burdensome civil cases to handle. It requires evidence to prove that the party violated his oath and did not perform the necessary medical services on the patient, which resulting in endangering the life of his patient. With these things need to consider for a victim to claim medical malpractice, it would take a lot of years, energy, living with worries, and of course, a lot of money for both parties. It is a long process, especially here in the country.

Medical practitioners who have been educated, trained, and licensed to practice science should have malpractice insurance for themselves. Malpractice insurance is a type of professional liability insurance that protects medical practitioners from any legal liability. The insurance will protect them from any unexpected events that may lead to medical malpractice.

Some Cases of Medical Malpractice in the Philippines:

Noel Casumpang v. Nelson Cortejo.
The case is about the death of Nelson Cortejo’s son in 1988 due to the negligence and false diagnosis of his doctors, Noel Casumpang and Ruby Sanga-Miranda. In 1997, the RTC awarded Nelson Cortejo damages in the total amount of P595,000 for the wrongful death of his son.

Dr. Fernando P. Solidum v. People of the Philippines.
In 1995, Dr. Solidum went into trial due to his negligence during the operation conducted on a three-year-old patient born with an imperforate anus. Nineteen (19) years later, Dr. Solidum was pronounced guilty of reckless imprudence resulting in serious physical injuries by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) and the Court of Appeals (CA) in 2014. Luz Gercayo, the mother of the boy who died during the operation, was compensated with the Ospital ng Maynila for the moral and exemplary damages in the total amount of P600,000.

Incidents of malpractice and negligence involving medical practitioners in the country are on the rise. Here goes to show the importance of having malpractice insurance and why practitioners should have one.

In Malayan Insurance, the policy is available both for hospital establishments and individual doctors. Medical practitioners can upgrade their insurance to have more protection in case of unexpected events.

What Covers Liability Insurance?
Legal costs like court fees expenses, exemplary damages, and medical damages are all covered with malpractice insurance.

There are two types of policies that healthcare professionals can purchase: a claims-made or an occurrence policy. The claims-made policy only covers claims if made during the policy period - claims for damages must have reported or filed before the policy expires or as soon as an incident happened. An occurrence policy still covers claims even if it has come to an end as long as the occurrence happens or events occur during the policy period. Occurrence claim is more expensive than claims-made. It is better because there is no limit on the time a claim must have reported. Unlike the claims-made, there is a specific date agreed on by the insured on where the policy begins — it is called retroactive date. If an incident occurs before the retroactive date, it will not be covered.

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A little background, Malayan Insurance Co., Inc. is a well-known non-life insurance company in the Philippines founded in 1930. They offer excellent service, quality insurance protection, and the prompt processing and settlement of just and valid claims.

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